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RE@Agile Primer – Preparation for becoming IREB CPRE

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The Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (CPRE) is a personal certificate aimed at individuals working in Requirements Engineering, Business Analysis and Testing. It will expand your professional knowledge and help you to become more successful in your job.

This is an Online live training delivered via Zoom

Course details:

  • Delivery method: Live online Instructor-led
  • The course will be delivered in English
  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Date: 19th of January till 11th of February
  • Tuesday and Thursday
  • 1900 – 21:00 (CET)


Fundamentals, principles, and skills in requirements engineering, the requirements documentation, and requirements modeling.

Requirements Sources

  • Stakeholders
  • Documents
  • System in Operation

Investigative Techniques

  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Observation Techniques
  • Creativity Techniques
  • Artifact-based Techniques

Consolidation Techniques

  • Conflict Types
  • Approach Techniques
  • Coordination and Management Methods
  • Analytical Methods Methoden

The Foundation Level addresses the advanced beginner in Requirements Engineering and provides the core knowledge of this topic. Everyone working with Requirements Engineering, Business Analysis, software, and systems development, who is demanding in terms of quality and professionalism, should strive for it. The Foundation Level encompasses the elicitation of requirements with appropriate documentation, requirements verification, and validation as well as their management throughout the end-to-end product life cycle.
There are no prerequisites to applying for the Foundation Level.

The RE@Agile Primer imparts of how RE methods and techniques can advantageously be applied in agile development processes, and how techniques from the agile approach can improve the RE practice.

The content of the RE@Agile Primer is intended to be taught in a 1-2 days training course, but self-study is possible as well. There are two possible exams

  • self-assessment on the IREB website
    about 16 questions, 30 minutes
    The reached percentage of the total number of points will be presented at the end.
  • proctored certification exam
    about 22 questions, 40 minutes
    A certificate will be awarded to successful candidates.

There are no prerequisites for the RE@Agile Primer!

The RE@Agile Primer certificate is not a prerequisite for the RE@Agile Advanced Level module.

Skills acquired through the CPRE FL certificate

A person with a CPRE FL certificate

  • is familiar with the terminology of Requirements Engineering/Business Analysis and Requirements Management,
  • understands the basic techniques and methods of Requirements Engineering and their application,
  • is familiar with the most established notations for requirements.

Course Features

  • Lectures 0
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 16 hours
  • Skill level Foundation Level
  • Language English
  • Students 6
  • Assessments Yes
Tetiana is a person with a lot of experience from different companies around the world. She has skills in leadership and business analyst. She has a suitable education and a couple of degrees. Tanya can also talk in different languages and has good negotiation skills, which makes her brilliant as a person for big projects and interpersonal communication. She is an excellent negotiator and has a good level of analytical and multicultural background which gives an opportunity to solve the issues and make successful deals.
799.00€ 499.00€