GDPR Staff Awareness - ELearning Course

GDPR Staff Awareness – ELearning Course


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This course has been designed for non-technical staff that handle personal data as part of their role.

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The course is available on a one-year, easily renewable licence. Simply purchase the number of licences needed, according to the numbers of staff who process personal data as part of their role. Giving staff regular top-up training means they are much more likely to retain and put the information they learn into practice.

The course aims to provide non-technical staff with a complete foundation on the principles, roles, responsibilities and processes under the GDPR, reducing your organisation’s risk of non-compliance.

  • An introduction to the GDPR
  • Definition of the key data protection roles
  • Scope of the GDPR
  • Personal and sensitive data
  • Determining the scope of the GDPR
  • The GDPR principles
  • The six principles for the collection and processing of personal information
  • Accountability
  • GDPR application
  • Collecting, requesting and processing personal data
  • Minors and consent
  • Data breach reporting

This course delivers a basic level knowledge of:

  • What the GDPR applies to
  • Data protection principles
  • Roles and responsibilities of controllers and processors
  • Processes under the GDPR
  • Basics of applying the GDPR in your organisation
  • This course takes approximately 45 minutes
  • The course covers five modules, in-depth with engaging content and activities
  • The assessment comprises of 20 randomly selected multiple-choice questions
  • The assessment can be retaken as many times as needed in order to obtain the pass mark
  • A certificate is issued to all staff who pass the test that displays their test score