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Office 365 – ELearning Course




This course assumes that students are familiar with the basic use of Windows and common use of the mouse and keyboard. No prior experience with Office 365 is assumed.

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Target Audience : IT Professionals and Office users

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  1. Signing On
  2. Platform
  3. Identifying Products
  4. Identifying Products Demo
  5. Navigating Office 365
  6. Customize Office 365
  7. Updating the Profile in Delve
  8. Accessing Exchange Online
  9. Outlook Online
  10. Searching, Filtering Exchange
  11. Outlook People
  12. Using Tasks Online
  13. Using Calendars Online
  14. Modify Exchange Settings
  15. Comparing Features with Outlook Client
  16. Skype for Business
  17. Get Aquainted with Skype for Business
  18. Collaboration Features
  19. More Collaboration Features
  20. Integrate with Office
  21. More Integrate with Office
  22. OneDrive for Business Overview
  23. Accessing Content
  24. Managing Content
  25. Syncing OneDrive for Business
  26. Overview of SharePoint Online
  27. Accessing SharePoint Online
  28. Sharing and Collaborating
  29. Syncing SharePoint
  30. Working with Office



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