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Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Review Course


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Join your peers in choosing our most popular CPA Review Course to quickly and confidently earn your CPA. This course provides Adaptive Review and an exclusive Final Review Course to ensure you become one of the 90% who pass their CPA exam on your first try.

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CPA Study material
2,200+ pages of online study text
CPA video lectures
140+ hours of video lecture instruction
CPA practice questions
12,000+ multiple-choice questions
Task based simulations
500+ task-based simulations
written communications
40+ written communications
knowledge check questions
5,000+ knowledge check questions (true/false)
CPA flashcards
4,000+ digital flash cards

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Online Test Bank
  • 6,000 additional multiple-choice questions (including AICPA released questions) with detailed explanations
  • 200 additional task-based simulations
  • Interface replicates the actual CPA exam testing experience

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International Candidates
EXCLUSIVE to Platinum Customers
  • Advice on Your U.S CPA exam Eligibility
  • Let our team of expert consultants assist you in exploring your U.S. CPA exam eligibility.
  • With over 25 years of experience reviewing unique international cases and transcripts, we’ll help you choose the appropriate U.S. state or jurisdiction to take the exam and even recommend an exam testing center, either in the U.S. or at a global location.

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CPA Mobile App – Study Anytime, Anywhere
  • Study on the go with our CODiE nominated mobile app that allows you to work on or offline without skipping a beat. Stay connected across multiple devices or take a break and pick up right where you left off with synchronization that saves your progress no matter where you access your course.

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CPA 11th Hour Final Review Course
NEW for 2020 and EXCLUSIVE to Platinum Customers
  • Our New Cram Course for 2020**
  •  Our brand new 11th Hour CPA Review Course is designed specifically for your last week of study and helps ensure you fully master key concepts before sitting for the CPA exam.
  • This cram course provides timed practice tests for each CPA exam, simulating the Prometric interface, and mimicking your exam day experience.

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CODiE Award Finalist Platform – Personalized to Help You Focus**
  • Save time and customize your study plan with FocusMe TechnologyTM. Our adaptive platform analyzes your performance and adjusts to your unique style and pace with personalized recommendations to focus your study time where you need it most. Identify your trouble spots and target your review to train better and pass faster.



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