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Foundation Certificate in DevOps – eLearning Course


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The Foundation Certificate in DevOps Foundation course provides an introduction to DevOps – the cultural and professional movement that stresses communication, collaboration, integration and automation in order to improve the flow of work between software developers and IT operations professionals.

This course covers:

Module 1: Introducing DevOps
Module 2: CALMS: Culture
Module 3: CALMS: Automation
Module 4: CALMS: Lean
Module 5: CALMS: Measurement
Module 6: CALMS: Sharing
Module 7: Common DevOps Roles
Module 8: Product vs. Project
Module 9: The Three Ways of DevOps, Methods and Approaches
Module 10: DevOps Practices
Module 11: Summary and Exam Preparation
This course will prepare you for the BCS Foundation Level Certificate in DevOps exam.

Course Description

The Foundation level certification will offer you a general understanding of the key elements, concepts and terminology of DevOps, including DevOps culture and practices

Target Audience

The Foundation Certificate in DevOps is perfect for those involved in or implementing DevOps processes within their organisations. This includes (but is not limited to) roles such as software testers, automation architects, cloud infrastructure engineers, software developer, security engineers, database administrators and product owners.

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